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About Rodents

Rodents might seem little animals to you but consequences of having them in your house are unimaginable sometimes. In the past decade more than 10 million people have died because of the rodent-spread diseases. This shows how badly you need to get rid of mice away. Have you ever tried googling ‘How to catch a mouse’? Well, hundreds of thousands of people search this phrase, indicating how serious this issue is. Even Tom doesn’t know how to catch a mouse – Jerry.

Rodents Make Health Cause

Rodents or more commonly known as mouse, may not directly harm you but it is host and carrier to many deadly diseases. What makes them more dangerous is the way they co-exist with humans. They poke around our furniture, sleep where we sleep and without us realizing it. Getting rid of mice is not easy, but it’s not impossible too. All you need is professional help.

It is not just that they harbour variety of parasites but also that they directly spread dangerous germs through their faeces and urine. You might not be aware of where rodents put their load off, you would need professionals to examine the situation and handle it.

Rodent Diseases:

You should not take this lightly. Rodents spread various diseases that include Hantavirus, Rat-Bite Fever, Listeria and Salmonellosis. For your knowledge, Bubonic Plague, which is also known by the name “Black Death” is a rodent spread disease that wiped of thirty to sixty percent of Europe’s entire population in the fourteenth century. This is a huge number which shows how little things can cause an utterly big damage. Don’t think twice about contacting us if you spot rodents around your house.

Rodents Shed Their Body:

Rodents shed their body hair twice a year which means that we have a possible situation where rodent hair is roaming around carrying dangerous parasite in your house. Not just that, there are germs in almost every part of rodent body, be it saliva or blood or anything, you are not safe. You need to get rid of these rodents soon, try our rodent removal services and leave the rest to us.

One more dangerous things about rodents, apart from them being highly gross, is that they multiply by great numbers. Under good conditions a pair of rodents can produce as much as 15000 offspring a year, which is an alarming number. The number is so huge because conditions at the homes are almost perfect for them to breed. They have comfortable place to live and breed, feed their offspring, water is available always, too. You must know how to keep mice away, because they stink and its never a pleasant sight to see a mouse roaming around in your house.

So, you should not take second chances about rodents. If you ever smell animal urine, or any sign that indicates the presence or mice immediately contact us, if you wait it might be too late. We, being professionals, will take care of rodents or any dangerous creatures living in your house. With Star Pest Control, getting rid of mice is guaranteed!

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