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Don’t mistake Raccoon for a squirrel, Raccoon is bigger and deadlier than a squirrel. It always dangerous and terrifying to have Raccoons roaming around your house. Just take a look at them and decide for yourself, scary looking little creature nature has blessed us with. If you don’t know how to get rid of raccoons, better seek professional help. At Star Pest Control, we use effective means to get rid of raccoons.

For the following reasons, you will regret having them around:

They spread disease:

Raccoons carry three kinds of diseases that are; rabies, leptospirosis and roundworm and they are equally dangerous to you and your pets, if you have any. Raccoons normally do not attack humans but there are few cases where they have. Especially, when females are with the baby raccoons to protect their offspring. You probably should not try to get rid of them yourself because while cleaning their mess you may not follow certain protective procedures and come into contact with their droppings which carry various disease. Same happens with the other disease leptospirosis. It is a bacterial disease that raccoon pass through their urine, it is a rare disease but has severe results that include damage to kidney, liver failure and other effects and in worst case it can also cause death. Its better not to mess with them if you don’t know how to get rid of raccoons. Contact us immediately if you see raccoons around, for getting the best raccoon removal services.

Damage to property:

You have put your hard work in building your property and you will not want to see raccoons mess with it. In search of food raccoons dig up grounds and lawns and they also eat several plants. We all know how difficult it is to grow a tree and then seeing it get swallowed by a racoon isn’t a good thing at all.

Danger to pets:

Pets are lovely and if you have pets beware they aren’t safe from raccoons either. They are known to attack cats and dogs and other little animals. There are various cases where they have killed cats and small dogs and injured many. If your or your pet gets attacked by a raccoon go to the nearest hospital immediately. You will probably need vaccination as a safety measure against rabies or other disease.

There are few tips that you need to follow. Never feed these creatures because they will get dependent on you and will also attract others to your place, and it will become difficult to get rid of raccoons from your place. If you ever spot a raccoon, do not try to handle the situation yourself. Take standard safety measures and contact us immediately we are the experts and will get rid of them for you forever. With all these potential hazards, our raccoon removal services are the best solution for you because we know how to get rid of a raccoon, once and for all.

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