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Your lawn is the first thing that people see when they come to your place. This is the main reason why you have spent your time and money, It would be a shame to see it get destroyed by little pricks called Moles. Moles aren’t pretty at all whether they are mammals that mess your backyard or the in the shape of keels on your face. Everybody wants to get rid of moles at the earliest.

Mole Damage Lawn:

Moles aren’t dangerous to your pets or to you. However, they are like terminator sent to kill your lawn. They are probably the most dangerous creature that can destroy your lawn in days. Moles mostly live underground and come to surface occasionally. However, when they do, they cause chaos.

Moles are like rats so they also behave like rats and stay hidden most of the time. However, rats aren’t that dangerous to your lawn as moles. You can easily spot a mole from a rat. They have a disgusting smell; they are slower than rats and they also have a unique gray fur.

What makes them dangerous for your lawn and backyard is their claws and small size. They have curved long claws which they use to dig up grounds and make tunnels in no time. So, if you ever spot mounts of mud or earth around your house, it is a sign that a mole was there.

Moles Harmful:

Moles aren’t known to harm humans or pets. However, if messed with, they will attack you or your pets. Their claws also carry the dangerous virus that contains rabies which will eventually cause paralysis to your pet and it will end up dying. They also attack humans in self-defence. So, do not make contact with them, if you see them contact us. Our mole removal service is exactly what you need! Get rid of moles and save yourself as well as your pets

They just don’t stop there. The tunnels that the make also attracts all kinds of other little creatures like mice, who like to play in the tunnels. So, before you would know, your lawn would be a breeding and feeding place for all of them rodents.

Look for all the signs of the presence of moles. If you find any avoid going out in the night. You may be prone to mole bite at night time as they are out hunting. Contact us immediately before your beloved lawn gets destroyed, we will take care of them for you, we are the professionals. We get rid of moles effectively, giving you a peace of mind, once and for all.


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