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Carpet beetles

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About Carpet Beetles:

Carpet beetles are little creatures that can cause big trouble. Whenever you hear the name insect, never trust it. Most of them are not that friendly. There are several reasons why beetles aren’t good for your place. First and most important is when you have kids. Kids don’t know what is good or bad for them, they just swallow everything, and if they swallow a carpet bug roaming around on the carpet, they will suffer severe consequences.

Carpet beetles Effect Causes

For you, health of yourself and people around should be the top priority. Carpet beetle bites not only cause disease, they spread it too. Carpets are like a home for them and they can hide under them somewhere and come out whenever they want. One more thing about them is that they can’t be seen from a distance so you won’t see them crawl around unless there is many them in groups. Effect of this is that they might carry certain germs on their skin and while their free movement around the house, they may contaminate food or other eatables transmitting germs to them.

Carpet beetles length:

The effect of beetle isn’t limited to health only, it can and will damage your carpet too, especially the black carpet beetle. It will affect the surface of carpet making it coarse while in some cases these carpet bugs may cause holes in the carpet. Professional carpet beetles’ services can alleviate your pain!

Beware of black carpet beetles, they’re very dangerous. Even one carpet beetle can cause a lot of trouble, they give birth to carpet beetle larvae and their number goes on increasing. There are certain ways to identify the carpet beetle. Length of adult Carpet Beetles is between 1/16” and 1/8” and it has an oval shape, their body colour is black with whitish and orange/red scales.  So, if you see even one that means more carpet beetle larvae are coming.Call star Pest Control to eliminate them.

Why us? Because our professional technician can find the primary source of where they are coming from and eliminate the threat. Try our carpet beetle removal services. Contact Star Pest Control and let all your worries go away with the carpet beetles or any other beetle that is causing the mayhem.

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