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Your bed is for you and you only, there should be no place for bed bugs on your bed. There are several reasons why bed bugs shouldn’t be in your bed. Haven’t you heard the old saying “Don’t let the bed bug bite”. Well it has a deep literal meaning and you shouldn’t let bed bug bite you at any cost.

Bed Bugs Cause Skin Problem:

Bites of bed bugs cause severe itching and redness of your skin. We know how desperate we are to scratch when itching happens. Well that desperation causes infection. Scratching the bites of bed bugs can make breaks and opening in the skin which may lead to infection. In other cases bacteria may also enter your body through those openings. If you see any bed bug signs, immediately seek professional bed bug removal services.

Bed Bug Diseases:

Bed bugs can also add to the diseases if you are suffering from them. For example if you asthma or any other respiratory problem, bed bugs are like catalyst to it. Bed bugs can make your condition even worse than it already is. The reason for that is the waste material of bed bugs that includes their skin and feces can become airborne when it is dry and inhaling that is very dangerous for patients who have breathing problems especially asthma. Call Star Pest Control, we know how to get rid of bed bug bites.

            This is very rare when bed bugs can cause Anaemia, as rare as it may seem but it does exist and you should not neglect its possibility.

Bed bugs aren’t homed in your beds only, your sofas, chairs and other material that they find comforting isn’t safe from them. If you don’t know how to get rid of bed bug bites, what then? What’s the solution? Star Pest bed bugs removal services!

Bed Bugs Sings:

Now you might not be aware that there are bed bugs in your house you might also not know anything about them at all. There are several signs that you should look for to sense their presence. Most obvious of them is if you feel bites when you are asleep and there will be black spots on the mattress.There is a difference between bites of bed bugs and mosquitoes, bites of bedbugs are much more severe and itchy. Big red spots will appear on your skin as a result of bed bug bite. Contact you doctor to get rid of that and contact us to get rid of bed bugs.

You should look thoroughly the bed sheet and mattress and sofas of your house in case you feel bites. In case you sense their presence make us a call before it’s too late. We are experts in this matter and we will make your home free of bed bugs with our bed bugs removal services. Don’t be late, give us a call if there are any bed bug signs near you!

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